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First Frets’ online video courses deliver expert guitar instruction without the hassle or expense of face-to-face lessons.

  • Is First Frets right for you?

    You’re not interested in private guitar lessons, but you want to improve your playing. Maybe you’ve tried some of the free guitar lessons available on YouTube.

    You can pick up a few things here and there if you look hard enough. But you really want to see rapid progress and you know that requires organized guitar lessons, even if they aren’t with a live teacher.

  • Stay At Home Guitar Lessons
  • Hundreds of Lessons in Creative Courses

    Learn guitar easily and enjoy every moment. First Frets' courses take you one step at a time, and teach you great songs along the way.

    • Meet With Your Instructor

      Stumped with a certain chord shape or guitar technique? Ask a question directly to the instructor in real-time!

      Access To Everything

      A First Frets subscription entitles you to all our course material past, present, and future!

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  • Guitar Chord Diagram
  • Realtime Chord Diagrams

    Watch the fretboard come to life as chords and chord variations are explained and demonstrated note by note.

    • Easy and Beautiful

      Visually beautiful diagrams make it easy to learn new chords.

    • The best on the internet

      No guitar website has a better way of explaining the fretboard.

  • High Quality Video Lessons

    Easy-to-understand video instruction. Learn essential chords, progressions, rhythms, scales, modes, and techniques.

    • It's all here

      Everything you need to learn guitar and quickly advance your playing can be found in simple video lessons.

    • 4K Resolution

      All videos are filmed in 4K and distributed up to 1080p for fast streaming and highest clarity.

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  • John Futch - First Frets Guitar Instructor - Guitar Teacher Chat with real guitar players.
  • Instructor Access

    Not much different than an in-person lesson, ask questions directly to your instructor via real-time chat.

    * Get 5 accounts for one low price with the family plan.

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